Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 Months

I am so behind on blogging about the littlest Fiene.  I think that comes with the territory.  He is still a happy boy who LOVES to be held.  He also loves watching his brothers.  I'm not sure if he thinks they are funny, or if he is just watching them so he doesn't get stepped or sat on.  He still loves to eat and we have discovered that he loves bananas and finds rice cereal to be sub-par.  He grabs on to anything and everything, and anything and everything always end up in his mouth.

I'm not sure how much he has grown length wise, but we had to take a trip to the doctor last month for the dreaded pink-eye, so I know he weighs 18 1/2 pounds.  Seriously this kid has to take a growing break soon.  He has been taking advantage of my deliriousness at night and has been trying to sneak in some more feedings.  I have to remind him throughout the day that he is not starving.  He begs to differ.

 The boys were already excited that Anders likes trains.  They have requested that he get a Thomas cake for his birthday.

Chunky and happy.

He brings a smile to all of our faces.  John told me the other day that he can't wait for Anders to be able to wrestle...that should be fun.  I wonder how many times I'll blog about emergency room visits in the next 5 years.

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