Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swaddling Clothes' New Space!

I honestly didn't think it would take this long to get into a bigger space.  When we started Swaddling Clothes in April 2013 we had already started the process to buy the building we are in now.  It took awhile, but it was worth it!

This was how we set up before...

We set up in the only space we had, our sanctuary.  That meant that once a month the members of River of Life would take down all the chairs, set up tables, and lug all the tubs of clothes out of storage.  Then after a few hours they would put everything back so we could have services in there the next day.  It was a labor of love.  A labor of love that went on for a year.

Then we moved into our new church building!

 The Swaddling Clothes room started out like this.

Then I managed to convince these three guys to take down the hooks and shelves.  This was a big job!
Then Glenn, the handsome fellow in the middle, helped me paint, and hung all of my clothing racks and shelves.  After Glenn put the clothing rods up several ladies from church came in and started hanging up and sorting clothes. 

Now it looks a little something like this...

I am very excited about the future.  Our first "shopping" weekend in the new building was a huge success.  

If your church in interested in starting a Swaddling Clothes project please let me know.  The goal is to package up what we've done to make it easier for other churches to start.  I already know of another Lutheran church in Iowa that is in the beginning stages.  

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My boys love to paint.  Really any artistic activity is a hit.
I do several programs at the library for kids my boys' ages.  I usually try out the activity on my boys first to decide if it is worth it and how long it might take.  After a year of this I have come to the conclusion that they don't give a good indication of how much time something will or won't take.  My boys will spend hours doing these type of activities.  My library kids will do it for 5 minutes and then say "what's next?"  That is very irritating.  But really a topic for another time.

The boys can't wait to go to Grandma's classroom this summer and do some more painting!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Babysit a Grandpa

I found this book at the library one day and the boys loved reading it with Grandpa.

They took all the advice to heart and had fun keeping Grandpa from napping throughout the day.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Losing Adenoids and Gaining Tubes

John had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove his adenoids and put some tubes in his ears.  Poor guy had 4 ear infections in 4 months.  We are hoping this does the trick.

 This is John right before they took him back.  He was a little nervous, but in good spirits.

This is John right after surgery.  This is the fun John.  We had fun asking him questions while he was still doped up.  Sadly, this stage didn't last very long.

We took him home that day and, while they told us he would nap on and off, John didn't close his eyes even once.  Such a rip-off!  But I can't complain.  He has had very little pain.  Just a little stiff neck.  I kept John home from school the next day, but I totally could have sent him.  

It was worth keeping him home to have his favorite teacher come to visit him.
Yep, Mrs. Sierzega, his first grade teacher, came to our house to see how John was doing.  I'm not sure John knew what to do with her here, he wasn't very talkative.  But he was very excited and still talks about  her coming to the house.  Such a lucky boy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Fun with Cousins

After a fun-filled Saturday we all went to bed and woke up Sunday ready to go to church.  John was very excited to hear Grandpa Fiene preach.  Then it turned out he wasn't preaching that day.  John said that was very poor planning.  Not sure whose poor planning he thought it was.  And, while I'm glad he listens to the sermons, what 7 year old looks forward to them?  That's my boy.

 After church we decided to take some pictures.  That was a bit of a disaster.  Not sure we should have expected anything less.

 We are missing some kids!

 John and Machara were very attentive to Finley.

 Machara is a baby lover.

 Isn't she just the cutest?

 I almost took her home.

 The boys enjoyed trying to play with her.  Even Gus.  That is saying a lot.  Gus doesn't usually like other people.

 This kid is going to be a heart breaker.  I almost took him home too.  Except he doesn't like anyone accept his mother.  

Christian was in town as well and gave Gus some pretty cool superhero stuff for his birthday.  Gus actually wore this a few weeks ago for super hero day.

It was a wonderful weekend.  The boys and I had so much fun spending time with family. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Weekend with Cousins

A couple of weeks before Easter the boys and I headed to Indy to spend some time with their cousins who flew in from California.  This was also the first time we were able to see the newest little Fiene, Finley.  I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa were over the moon that they had all 7 of their grandchildren together.

 Grandma decided to tell the kids that everyone who picked up leaves could have $5.  Grandpa, like myself, was thinking that was a bit steep.  But they would both do anything for their grandchildren.  Even if that meant overpaying for sub-par work.

 It took a really long time to get the leaves together.  They kept playing.  But they love each other and just couldn't help it.

 Eva, in true first born girl fashion, quickly became in charge.  Good for Eva because these boys needed some direction.

We gave Michael some of Anders old clothes.  I have sufficiently turned my nephew into a clothes lover so he wanted to put them on right away.  He was the best dressed one of the bunch!

 Michael and Anders weren't ready to be done working so Grandpa suggested they clean the deck.  Both were happy to oblige.

 I'm not sure how clean it was...but it sure got wet!

I think all 3 of these boys had a good time.

After the kids earned their $5, Grandma and Uncle Christian walked them all down to Dairy Queen to buy ice cream.  Grandma even let them keep the change!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Field Trip to the Library

Going to the library is nothing new to my kiddos, but this was a special trip because Gus went with his class.  Gus's school is only a few blocks from the library so we actually went on a walking field trip.
 Ms. Lisa, the librarian, is telling them that each book has its very own place in the library.

 The only reason I took this picture was to show my kid's style.  Cowboy boots go with everything!

 After a little tour of the children's floor the kids all sat in the program room for some books and songs.

Gus and Logan were not any farther than 2 feet from each other the entire time.  These two are going to miss each other in Kindergarten next year.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

It seems like they have graduation for everything around here.  I am completely amazed at the amount of parents that made such a BIG DEAL about this.  It was as if this was as far as their children would reach in their school careers.  Gus didn't understand why this was such a big deal either, but we all went to support our graduating pre-schooler. 
 Gus was very excited to see us.  This is his EXTREMELY excited face.

 Then he quickly changed to his regular stance.  He's too cool to show he cares for more than 5 seconds.

 Getting ready to cross the bridge.  Still playing cool.

 All the kids shook the principal's hand after crossing the bridge.

 He also got a certificate from his teacher.

 Gus sure loves his dad.  

 This is Gus and his best friend, Logan, with their teachers.

 Gus will miss Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Best.

 Mrs. Ward with Gus and Anders.

 Mrs. Best with her (almost) former student Gus and her future student Anders.  I keep warning her about Anders, but I'm not sure she believes me.

Out with the old and in with the new.  Gus waves good-bye to this school and Anders makes his way in.  I hope the staff is prepared.