Friday, June 28, 2013

The Faces of Gus at School

On the last day of school Mrs. Best and Mrs. Ward sent home a bunch of pictures of Gus from throughout the school year.  I didn't realize how much he had grown, or how much older he looked until I saw some of these.

 He genuinely is having a good time.  But his smile sure seems forced.   What a goof.

 Look at how little he looks!

 Gus and Mrs. Best on his last day of school.  Gus says he misses her, but the nice thing is that he will be in her class again next year.  Having one teacher for the whole time in preschool is a pretty awesome idea.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Birthday BBQ

This cute little girl I know was turning 3 and she invited us to her Birthday BBQ.  She is cute as a button and the boys just love her so we were all excited to go.  The boys went with me to pick out her present and decided that she needed a balloon and flowers to accompany the Lego set they picked out.  Such gentlemen.

 It rained while we were there so we hung out indoors and Anders was chomping at the bit to go out and play.  When it finally stopped raining he ran out to the swings.  I guess I need to teach him that dumping the water off the swing is better than trying to drink it.  

There were far to many people there to get anyone to focus long enough to take a picture.  But, this is the small yet mighty little Maggie and her 3 crazy amigos.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chronicles of Anders

Anders is a stinker.  I am positive I will be called by his teacher or principal at least once every school year.  Don't think I'm taking that lightly.  I will be mad and he will be in big trouble, but I'm preparing myself now.  He is smart, stubborn, manipulative, and utterly ridiculous.  But he is also pretty stinkin' cute.

 This is a face I see multiple times a day.  Anders is upset about something.  One would think it might have to do with the tricycle next to him.  But that would be too easy for us and not enough fun for Anders.

Anders dragged this scooter from the garage to the sidewalk and then just stood on it like that.  He started to get pretty upset because the scooter wasn't moving on its own.  He eventually figured out how to make it go.  But it was sure cute watching him stand there getting miffed at a scooter.

Monday, June 17, 2013

John's Field Day

John's last day of school also happened to be Field Day.  John had a great time hanging out with all of his friends.
 One of the games I helped out with was Mario Kart.  The kids took turns racing each other from one end of the gym to the other.

 Between helping with Mario Kart and lunch prep, I didn't see John again until his class was at the Tug of War station.

He is such a ham!

 I love this picture because sassy Mia is screaming at John to pull harder.  And John looks just as happy go lucky as ever.

 The whole class worked together.  Although it would be great if they did actually work together.  Someone should tell John that it's not time to pull.

 Ms. Georgis and her sweaty, smelly, rambunctious class.

It was a wonderful year.  We will all miss Ms. Georgis.  Now we are waiting to see the fun things 2nd grade will bring.

Friday, June 14, 2013

John Rides a Bike

For almost 2 years John has been convincing himself he couldn't ride a bike.  It's been down right ridiculous.  Debbie told him that if he learned how to ride a two-wheeler by August, he could pick out a new bike for his birthday.  That didn't even keep him from being so skeptical about the whole ordeal.

But Memorial Day was nice and sunny and many of our neighbors were running around outside.  John came in and declared that he needed me to take his training wheels off.  Right. that. second.

 After a little help and encouragement...

 and a few bumps in the road...

He finally started riding on his own!
That night he asked me if I could get him "some sort of bike magazine" so he could pick out his new bike.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boys and Leopards

Solveig wanted to try to get a picture with the boys and their big, stuffed leopards.  And we all know how those pictures come out...  I really just need to learn how mix pictures together.

 Gus starts off silly.  Anders looks a little confused.  John actually has a nice smile but that won't last long.

 Anders looks like he is up to something.  You really shouldn't take your eyes off of this kid. He is trouble.

 John is already tired of this whole picture thing and the other two are just warming up.

This is when I called it quits.  This is one of John's new favorite smiles.  I didn't realize people rated their smiles.

Of course we have to get some pictures of Grandma Fiene with the boys.
 Almost a good shot.  Anders is definitely showing off his personality.

 This is another one of John's favorite smiles.  Help me!

Well, at least Solveig looks good.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Visit from Grandma Fiene

Memorial day weekend Solveig came for a little visit.  The boys were excited to see her.  It was raining off and on while she was here so we tried to sneak in a couple of trips to the park when the weather allowed.

 We took Fritz with us once.  The boys would love to walk Fritz but he is a too big of a dog for them.  He's still learning not to pull on the leash.

 Gus was excited to walk Sophie.  Actually Gus and Anders fought over who was going to walk Sophie first.  Can you imagine that?
I love this picture for many reasons.  John is all the way at the stop sign sitting and waiting.  Anders is running all by himself and Gus, our pokey little puppy, is lagging behind leisurely walking the dog.

 Fritz is working on staying.  This is SO hard for Fritz.  He usually doesn't make it, but he is trying.

 Anders was excited to take his turn "walking" Sophie.  Sophie is not really sure how she feels about that.

Swings are always a big hit and Grandma was in high demand for pushing.

 Solveig and I took the boys to Ikea, which is always an interesting experience, and then we went to see the movie "Epic."  While at Ikea the boys, all wanted the exact same Leopard...more on that later.  But Gus also picked out a tunnel which has brought hours of enjoyment.

And, of course, you can't come to our house without playing games. I think we actually got through a couple of games with out any tears.  Now if we can just get through them without someone cheating.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pre-K Bowling

Gus' class took a few field trips this past month.  One of them was bowling, so I signed up to chaperone.  Gus had been talking about going bowling for a week.  He was very excited.

He wasn't crazy about the shoes though.

All the balls were pretty slow going down the lane.

Each child's turn took a very, very long time.  Some of the kids needed to sit and watch it took so long.

Gus started to fade fast around fame 4.  One game with 4 players took about 2 hours.  But they sure were cute little players.