Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day out with Thomas...Again

We are still a Thomas family.  Gus has fallen in line and I find Anders chewing on Thomas every now and then.  We had already been to "A Day out with Thomas" in Colorado, but decided to visit the one in Texas too.  I'm so glad we did.  Each train station sets up the event a little different and the one in Grapevine was actually better.  The boys were so excited when we got there.  It was like we had never been before.  The only reference to the first time we went was when John was telling all of the volunteers that this was Anders' first time riding Thomas on the outside (of my belly).

To get into the event you had to walk right by Thomas.

 All Aboard!!
On a side note- Gus is actually holding up a ticket...he is so white you can't tell!!! I'm also not sure what John was doing in this picture.

Riding the train!

After we finished our train ride it was time to check out all of the other stuff.  John found his old train friend, Eli.
 They could have stayed right here.  All. Day.


I love that this is how Gus chooses to close the door.  We might need to work with him on this...he ended up getting his fingers caught and started screaming.  Funny how that didn't deter him from trying it again.

After we peeled they boys away from the train tables we stood in line to see Sir Topham hat.

 Sir Topham hat arrived and the kids were so excited...all the kids, not just my own.
I should have mentioned earlier that is was 85 degrees out that day.  I was not prepared for that as you can see John is wearing a long sleeved shirt and they both have on jeans.  The boys were fine, but I'm sure Sir Topham Hat hated the hot weather.

Waiting as patiently as they can.

John is just in awe.  I love how he is holding Sir Topham Hat's hand.

After Sir Topham Hat, the boys got some tattoos.  As I write this you can still see remnants of their tattoos, 2 weeks later, because they won't let me wash their arms.

 Yep, they are still there.

It was a great day all around.  Hot, but good.  I'm told that Thomas comes to the Chicago area in August...we may just have to check that out.

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