Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anders' Birthday

Yes, I am a horrible mother.  Anders' birthday came and went and I never blogged about it.  Take comfort in knowing we did actually celebrate the event.  We actually still had D with us so there were 4 boys chomping at the bit to open up presents and eat cake.

 This kid actually had a couple of celebrations because Debbie and Pam had us over to celebrate before they left for Florida.  We had to have the non-birthday boys sit on the couch so Anders could actually see what he was opening.

 The present he was the most excited about was his new bike!  It was chilly, but the boys went outside right after this to test it out.

 He was ready to open the rest of his presents the afternoon of his actual birthday.

The big four year old requested a Sonic the Hedgehog cake.  This was fun to do.
His birthday fell on a Sunday and we actually had a voters meeting scheduled that day.  So we brought the cake to church and everyone sang Happy Birthday and had a piece.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cowboy Day at School

John really gets into the school spirit thing.  He did not get that from his mama.  But I'm glad he likes school so much.  He told me this year that he needs to make sure he dresses up for every occasion since he is on student council.

 He is such a poser.  This was all him.

 The only thing Gus needed for Cowboy Day were his boots.  I guess every day is cowboy day for Gus.

As far as we can tell this was D's first experience with school spirit days.  He was so excited he changed a couple of times.  He ended up settling for a bandana, vest and belt.
I just noticed now that Gus changed into pants.  He is always good at producing enormous amounts of needless laundry.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Three Rivers Fest and Parade 2014

Every year our church has a tent at the village carnival.  They have always had a diaper changing station.   Even before Swaddling Clothes, River of Life members have been caring for babies and their parents.

 For the last few years we've also had the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs come to visit.  This is Darlin.  The dogs are always a huge hit.

 On Saturday during the festival there are tons of free family friendly activities to do.  The boys have painted pavers for me 3 years in a row.

 The boys waited patiently in a VERY long line to get their faces painted.

 On the last day of the festival there is a parade.  This is our 3rd year to do the parade.  Next year the members want to decorate our "float".

 We were a little concerned these two would fall off of the float.  So they threw candy from the wagon.  They had a fantastic time.

 Our trusty driver and his sidekick.  Pam also had the job of giving the two little boys in the back supplied with candy.

We KNEW these two would fall off of the float so they threw ate candy in the back of the car.

 Larry always drives his truck in the parade as well.  He restored this beauty and loves showing it off.

 Larry is a big kid himself and loves creating smoke.  The crowd would cheer so loud when he did it.  This only egged him on.

 After the parade we had a little more time to visit the carnival rides one more time.

These two really wish they were taller.  They were so ready to ride more rides...maybe next year.