Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sophie's Birthday

Hans, John, and Gus actually left for Canada on Sophie's birthday.  So we said goodbye to them, then Anders and I went to party with Sophie.  Sophie turned 13 this summer.  13.  I don't like teenagers...but I'll keep her around.

Anders had to be standing right next to her the whole time she was opening presents.  I kept calling him away and he kept going back.

Her big present from Pam, Debbie, and Glenn was this Ferris Wheel set.  That is one excited girl right there.

After present opening and ice cream cake we made our way to Medieval Times.

Anders takes his sword wielding very seriously. 

When you enter Medieval Times you are in a large room.  Trumpeters announce the presence of the king.

The king will knight the special guests.  The announcer called Sophie to the front.  She was not at all happy about this.  So Anders went up with her.  The announcer called him her bodyguard.  He's a cute little bodyguard.

They even put a little cape on him.

Once it was all over I think Sophie had fun.  But she is not one to draw attention to herself in a room of people she does not know.

Shortly after this the knighting the tournament hall was open.
We were cheering for the yellow knight.

Sophalicious and her mom.

Our knight did not win, but we all had a blast.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


While in Texas we went to LegoLand in Grapevine.  The boys have been in a crazy lego phase for a year or two now with no end in sight.  Any opportunity they have to spend some time building, reading, watching, imagining and creating they take with great enthusiasm.

The first thing we did was watch a 4D Lego movie.  What makes it 4D you ask?  Well, there are gusts of wind and you get sprayed with water.  The boys thought it was amazing.  I was glad we adults managed to score seats that received only a light misting and not a torrential downpour.  Seriously.  There were some seats left with standing water.

There were some little rides there.  One of them was a little racetrack where you drove little lego cars.  Here they are showing the kids what to do should they get stuck on the track.

John did pretty well.  He didn't hit the curb.  It gives me a little hope that he will be able to drive a car one day.

Anders, well...

it was a good thing he paid attention to what he needed to do when he got stuck.  He got stuck many, many times.  It was very cute.

Gus did pretty well too.

We discovered a pretty, pink castle.  In the castle there was a stage with karaoke.  I though the boys would love karaoke.  Anders really wanted to try it out and John was trying to keep him from going to the dark side.

I tried to convince John to go in there with Anders.  John would not step foot on the pink tiles.  He was not amused by me.

Eventually he gave in because he is a super awesome big brother.

He even stopped giving me dirty looks long enough to sing Old MacDonald with Anders.

Anders was not as interested in building his own car to race down these awesome tracks, so he played in the huge, soft lego pit.

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of the race cars the boys built. Or the actual races.  But the older boys and my dad had a good time designing, building, and racing their cars.

This LegoLand also had a fun splash pad.

I constantly had to remind Anders not to drink the water.  That is so gross.  

Can you tell that my mom and Hans are enjoying their time in the Texas heat?
They actually had a lot of fun.  Hans is a big kid himself, and my mom just loves watching the boys having a great time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Dallas World Aquarium

I lived in Texas for 23 years and I don't ever remember going to the Dallas Aquarium.  It was pretty cool.  We all had tons of fun.  We had tons of fun before even stepping foot into the aquarium.  We ran over something on the highway and got a flat.  Thankfully the aquarium parking lot is not far from the highway so we were able to make it there.  Then we had to call Progressive for assistance because Dodge makes it near impossible to get to your spare.  Seriously.  Once the tire was changed we were able to enjoy ourselves.

When you enter the aquarium you are at at the tree top level.  So you get closeup view of the animals that live in the trees.

This sloth was totally disgusting and incredibly interesting at the same time.

As you walked through the aquarium you were spiraling down so you could see animals at multiple levels.

Eventually you found yourself at the bottom of the tank.
The boys could have stood in front of this tank for hours.  

When we were at tree top level we saw this huge thing down at the bottom of the water, but we couldn't make out what it was.
This manatee was huge!  We also had a great time watching him because he loved trying to float on this log.  He took it with him all over the aquarium.

Well, he poses just as nicely as the other Fiene boys.  He fits in the family...and he is probably more active than our dog, Fritz.