Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day in Chicago

It is so nice that we live so close to Chicago.  My sister in-law decided to bring the girls to Chicago in celebration of Machara's birthday.  Machara and Gus were born 4 days apart.   My in-laws also drove up from Indy and we spent the day at the Children's Musuem at Navy Pier.  I just love Children's Museums.  The kids, and adults, had a great time.  I'm so happy we are able to do this with family.

There wasn't a whole lot of picture taking going on.  I'm still working on the big camera, three kids, double stroller, by myself coordination thing.  Someday.

 This was a rope tunnel they could climb.  There was a sign that said for kids 4 and up, but Gus seemed to fit right in.

 Getting a little help from a museum volunteer and a boost from John.

 Once they got to the top they walked the rope bridge to the other side.  Cool, huh?

 Dinosaur dig.  Eva (in the flower print shirt) loves dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs might be as big for her as trains are for John.  I'm pretty sure this was her favorite exhibit.  

 Machara also had a great time.  Gus and Machara could be twins.

John and Gus hard at work.  In normal fashion Eva and Machara were delicately sweeping away debris to find the bones.  I had to tell John and Gus that it was possible to discover bones with out flinging all the debris into the air.  John is convinced it is just more fun that way.

After the museum Grandma and Grandpa bought them lunch and ice cream.  What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.

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