Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uncle Mark

My brother Mark is pretty cool.  He is a very busy person trying to keep up with his business, All Signs and Tint, I think he and his business partner Ryan work at least 6 days a week.  Despite his busy work schedule he has always made time for the boys.  And not just for a quick 5 minutes, but for some real quality play time.  The whole time he is over at my parents house he is throwing a ball, playing with trains, reading a book or having silly conversations with John and Gus.  The boys just love their time with Uncle Mark.  I'm very happy they are able to spend time with him.  I have fond memories of my parents dropping my brother and I off at my Aunt Diane's house for some quality time.  I loved spending the night with her every year and it wasn't just because of the pound of bulk candy she bought us.  Maybe when my brother buys a house the boys can spend the night with him...hint, hint.  I'll even let Mark use my car to transport my children....Mark is a little particular about his car.  You become a little less particular about your car when you have kids.

 Lots of books were read by Uncle Mark.

 Lots of nose picking was done by John.

 After John was done with his nose he thought Uncle Mark's could be cleaned out.  **John isn't actually picking Mark's just looks like it.  I felt this must be mentioned as not to let people think I actually encourage my children to pick other people's noses...or their own.**

I love that my children have great relationships with all of their aunts and uncles.  They are very, very lucky boys.

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