Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Day at the Arboretum

The boys love going to the Morton Arboretum and it's always more fun to go with friends.  The boys love Joseph and even fight about who is going to play with him more.  The nice thing is that Joe is such a nice boy and he plays so well with all of the boys that there is never really any fighting when he is around.

 Gus has been really into maps lately.  He was trying to maneuver through the maze.  Even though the map had nothing to do with the maze.

 I think the boys got their shirts wet and took them off after about 5 minutes of being there.

 Sometimes it is just so hard to be little.

 Snack time.  

 The boys were way to preoccupied eating Scooby snacks to smile.

After some snacks the boys played in the koi pond.  That is usually the last thing we do at the arboretum since the boys come out of there soaking wet.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Since John wants to try everything once before repeating a sport I signed him up for SNAG golf this summer.  I am assuming it is pretty much the same as a regular group golf class just with bigger putters and bigger balls.  The kids used ball the size of tennis balls.

 John loved it.  Golf requires a different kind of athleticism and focus.  It's just what John needs.

 The boys had fun running around the golf course while John played.  The boys thought this was the "best picture ever" because it looks like Anders has lasers shooting from his eyes.

 Even though it was a group lesson the kids each got some individual attention.

 The kids would be divided into teams and play a game where they would try to hit the balls to different targets.  John was able to hit the farthest targets so he was a popular guy among the other SNAG golfers.

 There is my ham!

He looks so grown up golfing.  I'd like to say look at that nice form, but I can't because I have no idea what nice form is.  I think he looks good though.  I'm anxious to see how he does with an actual putter and golf ball.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Little Baby Shower

All of the Fienes were together over the 4th of July weekend so we thought that would be a great time to throw a little baby shower for my sister in-law, Ashley.  Solveig, Andrina and I divvied up the responsibilities and a shower was planned.  My assignment was coming up with games and activities for the shower.  Of all of the baby showers I had, I think only one of them had games and I honestly can't remember what they were.  The only game I could think of off  the top of my head was the game where we all tried to guess the circumference of the mother's belly with a piece of string.  But, I was pretty sure Ashley would strangle me with the string if I presented that game at the party.  Thankfully I was able to find two games that were not too silly and did not involve string measuring the mother to-be's belly.

After getting the games all squared away I realized we really needed some kind of party favor.  So off to work I went.

 Inside each gift bag was a little bag filled with little cookies that looked like buttons.  Or at least my attempt to look like buttons.

 See why I chose button cookies?  Plus buttons, or at least my version of buttons, are a lot easier to make than cookies that looks like bottles or rubber duckies or onesies.

 Instead of a cake Solveig ordered varying flavors of these delicious mini cupcakes.

 Andrina put together a beautiful cheese, nut and berry platter.  This was a nice compliment to the wonderful chicken salad sandwiches and mimosas.  

 The guest of honor and the hostesses.

 Ashley got some wonderful presents.  This is going to be one well dressed child.

The happily expecting couple.

I'm so glad we were able to be together to celebrate the newest Teeny-Fiene.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

John is 7!

John turned 7 on Thursday.  I can't believe my little boy is already 7!  Time sure flies by.

August 2006

August 2007 - John's first ice cream.  I think it was a success!

August 2008

August 2009

July 2010

August 2011

August 2012

August 2013 - taken by his wonderful teacher from last year.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful, bright, empathetic, sweet, and energetic boy.  We love you!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School

John had his first day yesterday and Gus had his first day of school today. 

 John's first day.  Everyone is very excited.  Gus became less excited once he realized that he had to wait until the next day to start school.  He does not understand why he had to start a day later.

My goofy, loving 2nd grader.

 Gus's first day.  Gus was very excited, but the other two had the "been there, done that" attitude.

I asked him to show me how excited he was to go to school.  He is ready!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The last full week in June our church held Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We are small, but our kids are sure mighty and rambunctious and really, really loud.  But the kids had a lot of fun and they learned about Jesus so it was a very successful week.

 Each child was given a shirt that they wore every day.

 We had kids ranging from preschool to 3rd or 4th grade.  They all got along very well.

 Pam teaching the lesson to the younger kids.  Anders was in that group so she had her hands full.

Every morning Debbie would have an ice-breaker game.

 The passing of the wet sponge was so popular last year Debbie decided to use it again.  

 She also had potato sack races, but Anders was too lazy to jump in the bag on his own and wanted someone else to do the work for him.

 Others had a ball bouncing around.

Even after Anders saw all of the kids having fun bouncing, he was still determined to have someone else doing the heavy lifting. Such a stinker.

 I believe that the original plan included me doing the music part.  But Hans is just so much better because he makes up funny songs.

 Our teen helper thought that was a great idea and made up some funny songs of her own.  I don't make up funny songs.  I can't do it.  I've tried...and failed. I've been told they aren't as funny as my husband's.  So now I just let him take care of all of the music.

 VBS is not like a church service.  So silly songs can and should be sung.

 After they shook some sillies out Hans spent the week teaching the kids a hymn or two.

The kids liked learning the hymns and were very good at singing them.  Hearing a bunch of young voices belting out a few hymns is a wonderful, wonderful thing.