Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

***Sorry for such a long delay between posts.  My editor has been out of commission.  Although, let's face it, if you look carefully, he doesn't always give me stellar work.  But, he is free and cute and I'll keep him around...for now.***

We decided to head to Zionsville for a couple of days since John had off of school for Casimir Pulaski day.  I love how all the kids here in Illinois can tell you it is a holiday, but nobody actually knows who this guy was or what he did.  Anyways, while we were there, my mother in-law thought it would be fun to have a little birthday party.  She came home from school with cupcakes, noise makers and pinwheels.  The boys had a blast.
 Gus blows into this like a kazoo.  No matter what you say, you can't get him to do otherwise.

Opening presents.  Gus loved getting Spiderman figurines. 

John and Gus can get a little impatient so it was a good thing that both grandparents were there to cater to their every whim.

 Party animals.

 You can never have too many Spidermen.

 John loved blowing the bubbles.  He also loved making a soapy mess all over the kitchen.

The party was a success.  The boys had a lot of fun.  They've asked a few times where the noise makers are.  We have a noise-maker fairy in our house.  Have as much fun with those things while you can, because when you go to sleep, she takes them away.  Permanently.

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Heather said...

That's too funny! The noise maker fairy visits our house, too! :)