Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some Fun in Indy

On Memorial Day weekend we took a little drive down to Zionsville.  The boys had a ton of fun playing with "baby Finley".  I keep telling them that Finley is no longer a baby, but she is the youngest Fiene, and therefore is the baby.  Sorry Finley.  I tried.

 She was having a good time playing with the Legos.  I'm sure she will be a Master Builder by next week.

 John was introduced to the bags game.  He had a ton of fun and tried to be very strategic about his moves.

 Gus enjoyed playing the game as well.

 This kept these four boys occupied for quite awhile.

 Anders preferred going through all of the toys Grandma has stored to find a gun of sorts.

And you know it's time to go home when one of the kids starts puking.  John, John, and Hans were enjoying a little basketball game when poor Anders started throwing up.  I'm guessing it was just allergies, because this kiddo was just fine.  Either way, it was a fun couple of days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

State Track Meet

The Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was the Illinois Elementary School Association State Track Meet in Peoria, IL.  Sophie qualified for the 100 Meter, and the 4x1.  We were all excited to go support her and watch her run.

 Debbie had shirts made for the boys to show their support.

 While waiting to watch Sophie the boys found a great hill to slide down.  This kept them occupied for a good long while.

 And she's off...

 This was just prelims and she qualified to run in the finals the next day.  She ran against the best kids in the state and she did very well.

 On Saturday there was more waiting around.  It was PACKED, but we managed to find a spot where we could camp out.

 After waiting for a bit with us, we got to watch Sophie waiting for her turn in the 4x1 down by the field.

Sophie and her 4x1 teammates.  They all did an excellent job.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Anders' School Picnic

Anders had a school picnic to celebrate the end of the school year.  Gus was excited to come along and see Mrs. Best and Mrs. Ward.

John has always been Gus' best friend.  These two never really acknowledged the others existence.  Actually, Gus' first year of preschool he spent his whole time talking about John and Mrs. Best and Mrs. Ward didn't even know Gus had another brother.  This year these two have gotten much closer.

I have enjoyed having the same set of teachers for 3 years.  I'm going to hate to leave them next year.

Mrs. Ward with the boys.

Mrs. Best with the boys.

I just need to figure out how to put Anders' face from this picture on the picture with Mrs. Ward, and Gus' face from the picture with Mrs. Ward on this picture.