Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm back!!!  Well, I've been back in the country for almost a month now, but I've been extremely busy with all sorts of stuff that I'll blog about later.  For now I thought I'd eek in one post in the month of July.

Debbie, Pam, the boys, and I decided to head on down to Lockport for their Touch-A-Truck event in June. The boys had a great time as always. 

First stop was not a truck, but a salon booth that was spraying kids' hair.
 John chose purple, of course.

 I would have been shocked if Gus picked any color other than red.

And Anders went with blue.  Because ever other color is just not as good.

After the boys got their hair sprayed, someone from the park district asked to take their picture.  John was super excited about this since Lockport used a picture of John on their park district brochure last year.  He still talks about being famous.

Then we had to stop for some face painting by a borderline grumpy clown.

 Showing off their tattoos as they called them.

 Anders like Anders best.  He was excited to see himself on the wheel.

 Actually, they all were excited.  I wonder how long they could be entertained in a room full of mirrors.

 We actually did get to the touch-a-truck part of the event.

 They all loved blowing the horns.  There was much horn blowing going on as this was every other kids favorite part too.

Of course we had to check out the fire trucks.  John got to ask this very nice firefighter about everything he needed to do to be a fireman.  Did you  know that, for most departments, a four year degree is mandatory?  

We also got to see some really cool special ops vehicles.  I was way too enthralled by all of the special gadgets to remember to take pictures.  Gus liked them too, but his favorite was the regular police car.  Go figure.