Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why We Don't Let Our Husbands Make Childrearing Decisions

The title of this post could also be "Things That Make You Go EWWW".  So, beware.

I love my husband.  He is a wonderful, caring, funny and uncontrollable guy.  He is rarely ever serious, unless he is talking about theology.  Without even trying, he has rubbed of on our children with his carefree personality.  My husband is also very smart.  But I find even very smart men make very bad decisions when it comes to children.  Case in point, the other day, John came downstairs screaming that I needed to look at Gus.  When I came upstairs, I found Gus in his highchair with Nutella all over his face and a sippy cup of chocolate milk in his hand.  The Nutella had evidently been on a graham cracker that was no where to be found and Gus seemed very happy with his new food choices.  Now, this chocolate milk was no ordinary chocolate milk.  Hans makes chocolate milk so dark and so chocolaty my stomach churns just looking at it.  It is as if you were drinking a melted chocolate bar.  I looked at Hans in disbelief and Hans just smiled and told me that Gus loved it and that's all that mattered.  As there was nothing I could do about it, the damage was done.  I just left Hans to clean up the mess and put Gus to bed.

The next part of this story is key as to why we don't give our husbands free reign over things like this.  Sometime in the middle of the night Gus threw up.  A LOT.  And, since we didn't hear anything and he never cried, he just slept in the mess.  All night.  The next morning Hans went in there to get Gus, and immediately noticed the horrible smell coming from the boys room.  Evidently, regurgitated graham crackers with Nutella and chocolate milk smell like dog poop.  But, my wonderful husband knew it was all his fault and graciously gave Gus a bath and washed his sheets.  Gus actually needed a couple of baths before the smell went away. 

I would hope that this experience will keep Hans from giving our children horrible food combinations or just horrible food in general...but probably not.  As I said before, even the smartest men make horrible decisions when it comes to kids.

(Hans here...My decision was awesome and I don't regret it in the slightest.)

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The Witherspoon Family said...

I hate to admit this and give him any satisfaction, but Hans' comment made me "LOL." However, I totally stand behind Katie on this one! It's chocolate milk, not milk chocolate. :)