Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sprinkler Fun...Well, Maybe Just Sprinklers

We had a rather warm day last week and I decided to get out a sprinkler that a lady in our church gave John for his birthday.  We had been working out in the yard all day, and some sprinkler time seemed to be just what the boys needed.
John was very hesitant about the water.  I find this funny because he loved the sprinklers at my parent's house last summer.

While John held back, August walked right up in the line of fire.

Then he got really upset with the sprinkler sprayed him.  He just stood there screaming, all while he kept getting wet.

We finally rescued him, but it was pretty funny.

Then John decided to be brave...

and take advantage of his new found courage.

But Hans got his revenge.

Overall John had a good time.  The jury is still out on Gus.

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