Friday, April 16, 2010

Outside Fun

After our snow storm we had a few bright, sunny days.  It was even warm enough to wear shorts.  The boys just love playing outside.  I think they could live outside.  When we lived in Fort Wayne, John used to stand at the back door, look longingly outside and say "outside, outside."  While Gus doesn't really talk yet, he too stands at the backdoor, looking longingly at the backyard.

We pretty much have a dirt pit out back.  Someday we will actually get grass in there.  Right now, I think that would be a waste of money.
Gus loves to push the stroller...
and eat dirt.
He is also learning how to dig.  This causes some fights for the shovel.  We have 10 shovels, but they both want the same one at the same time.  Go figure.
John thought it was a lot of fun to play keep away from Gus.  Gus wasn't amused.
"Let me out!"

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