Monday, March 29, 2010

One Year!

It is so hard to believe a year has passed since my little boy was born.

Gus is eating anything and everything.  It is nice to make only one meal and have it work for all four of us.  The only thing that has been hard to keep from Gus is peanut butter.  John lives off of peanut butter and Gus has already had his fair share (not because I gave it to him).  Because of Gus grabbing and eating everything I was very happy to hear from the doctor that Gus has no eating restrictions.  YAY! We also switched to whole milk last month and subsequently ditched the bottles.  This transition was pretty easy.  I fear the pacifier disappearance will not be as easy.

My parents were here last week, so we celebrated Gus' birthday then.  John helped me make cupcakes and we frosted them with orange, yellow and green frosting.  Gus thoroughly enjoyed his cupcake.

Gus wanted to touch the candle so bad.

He got really mad when Hans wouldn't let him touch the flame.
Time for a bath!

He also got lots of fun presents.  Thank you to all of the Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Great Grandmas and Great Grandpas that sent cool presents and thoughtful cards.  Gus has thoroughly enjoyed opening, closing and then eating all of the cards.  And, John has enjoyed playing with all of Gus' new toys.
John couldn't wait to open up presents.  Gus could care less.
He may not have cared to unwrap it, but he sure loved playing with it.

Gus loves to roll the big red ball he got from John through the tunnel he got from Aunt Diane, Uncle Tim, Jimmy and Ericka.
He also loves to push the tunnel all over the room.

Thursday, we went to the doctor for Gus' one year check-up.  Our appointment was actually scheduled for Wednesday, but with all the wet, slushy snow that fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning it just wasn't meant to be.  So, the next day, I took both boys in for the check-up.  August is doing well.  He is in the 80th percentile for weight at 25 pounds and the 60th percentile for height at 30 inches.  He is happy, healthy and growing.  He didn't leave the doctors office happy as he had to get 5 shots that day.  I'm not sure if it was more traumatic for Gus, whose scream nearly burst my eardrums, John, who was yelling at the nurses to stop hurting his brother, or the other patients, who had no choice but to listen to the eardrum bursting screams as the sound traveled through the whole office.  Gus has already proven to be a bit of a drama king, as he was back to his normal happy and mischievous self in a matter of minutes.

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The Simpsons said...

Happy Birthday, Gus!!!! I love the messy cake face! So cute!!