Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tales of John

I haven't written a 'Tales of John' in quite a while.  I should keep a running note on all the things he says and does, but sometimes I just forget.  Here are a few things from the last couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for a BBQ.  John was very excited to have all of his friends at his house.  There were 12 kids all running around here.  There was a lot of laughing, playing, screaming and crying.  There is NO WAY I could handle having 12 kids.  So here's to Hans' Uncle Rolf and Aunt Dort who have 12 kids and have managed to keep their sanity.  Okay, back to John.  Earlier in the day I bought cookies for the kids to have after dinner.  John was very excited to break out the cookies and quickly reminded me that they were ready.  Most of the kids were playing downstairs so I told him to tell them the cookies were on the table when the kids were ready.  But then John said, "I want to take them downstairs Mom.  I want to pass them out.  I want to be the guy that everybody likes."  Oh, John.  Where do you learn these things?

John went with me to Gus's one year doctors appointment.  Gus needed shots, of course. I knew Gus would be none the wiser, but John sure knew what was going on.  During the administration of the shots John kept shouting at the nurses to "Stop hurting my brother!".  Then after the nurses were done and leaving, John ran over to Gus, gave him a big hug and kiss and then said, "Shame on you for hurting my brother."  As cute as that was, we had to have a little talk about how shots hurt, but are helpful and, most importantly, you don't talk to adults that way.

Yesterday, Hans discovered that M&M's came out with a new combination: Dark chocolate with peanuts.  So he bought a big bag of them...of course.  John discovered the M&M's this morning and asked if he could have a couple.  I said that was fine.  When I came out to help him get a couple this is what I found.
He had helped himself to a whole bowl.  He seemed genuinely confused when I took them away.  I told him he could have two and took the rest out of the bowl.  While John was crying to me that two just wasn't enough, Gus came up to him and took the two M&M's out of his bowl and ate them.  I had to laugh a little.  John will learn not to complain until after eating the M&M's from now on.

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