Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow Day

A couple of weeks ago we had a big snow storm.  Usually we get light, fluffy snow, but this snow was wet and heavy.  After Hans shoveled the walkways he had to get the snow off of the trees so the limbs wouldn't break.

John always has a great time playing in the snow.  Gus doesn't really see the point yet...some day.
The branches of this tree were almost touching the ground.

Eating snow is John's favorite thing.  It is gross and we keep telling him to stop.  At this point he is just going to have to eat gross snow before he stops.

Snow ball fights.  John is getting pretty good.

Hans convinced John to stand under the tree while hit the snow off. 

John doesn't think his dad is funny.
Hans felt he needed to make it up to John.
John was happy after this.
My working guy.  Doesn't really look like he worked too hard, does it?

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The Simpsons said...

Wow....that was lots of snow. I loved that Hans let John get even....too cute!!