Monday, April 26, 2010

The Moby Wrap

It is simply amazing the new baby things that bombard the market on a daily basis.  I remember when I was looking for a car seat/stroller combo and I knew exactly what I wanted.  But what I wanted wasn't available.  I wanted a classic, elegant black and white design.  Now all I see are black and white designs, but it would be foolish of me to buy a new car seat/stroller combo.  Don't think I haven't thought about it. A lot.

However, there are smaller things that come out all the time that I didn't even know I wanted or needed.  Those are the things I find justified in buying with each kid.  With John and Gus I had a Hotsling.
This was not the sling that was part of the recall.  I love this sling.  It got me through many a tough day with John.  The problem with this sling is that my babies are so big that they outgrow the sling part before they are old enough to use it as a hip sling.  So, through a friend, I found out about the Moby Wrap.  While my mother in-law was in town we found a cute little boutique that sold the Moby Wrap and she bought one for me.  I laughed as I opened the booklet to see that it was for children 0-35 pounds.  35 pounds!  That is heavier than John, so I decided to give it a try with both boys.
Gus didn't want to give up the root beer bottle he found.  I have to say, he is pretty happy and I feel he is very secure.  So far, this is great for my back and I feel like I could carry him all day like this...he wishes.

And since it goes up to 35 pounds...
here's John.
He actually loved this.  I won't carry him around in this, although I think it is doable.  I will, however, threaten to carry him around in this if he starts wandering too far when we are out and about.

So, you really can use the Moby Wrap up to 35 pounds.  Although, I'm sure the company never intended for you to carry around a 3 1/2 year old.


ABCKegg said...

The Moby is my absolute favorite carrier! I bought fabric to make my own, but have been too afraid to cut it. If it ever happens, I'll have 6 of them, so I'll send you a back up. :)

Katie Fiene said...

Sounds good. I was thinking they would be easy to make. :)

Jason, Erika, and Maren Gehrke said...

Katie, I have a Sleepy Wrap, which is just like a Moby Wrap - same wrap design. I LOVE it, and so does Maren. I haven't found another carrier/sling I like better - though I want to try the Ergo...but haven't wanted to make the investment. But the wrap is a lifesaver. I buy it for friends now!

Katie Fiene said...

Erika, I saw your wrap in a couple of your posts and thought it was the Moby. They look very similar. I haven't even heard of the Ergo...stuff just comes out all the time!