Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yes, Easter was weeks ago and I'm just now writing about the day's events.

It is customary at Mt. Calvary that the men of the congregation prepare and serve breakfast before the Divine Service.  It was great to see all of these guys cooking, working and bonding.
I asked the men who prepared the breakfast to get together for a picture.  John told all of them to "chop, chop" and even though he didn't lift a finger to help, decided he needed to be in the picture.

Hans decided to contribute to the breakfast this year by making pancakes and scotch eggs.  For those of you who don't know what scotch eggs are, let me inform you of the delicious, artery clogging dish.  They are simply hard boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage, breaded and then deep fried.  They are very good and were scarfed down by everyone in attendance.
Gus loved his scotch egg.

 John and his friend Molly.  Every Sunday John asks if Molly can come home with us.

Gus made himself at home amidst the pile of electronics.

These were my attempts at taking a nice Easter picture of my boys.
"Mom, he's a little close"
"Sometimes I just don't know what to do with you."
"Right now, I'm just going to ignore you."
"Alright Mom, I've had enough.  Get me off this chair."

We also had a memorial service for one of our beloved members on Easter Sunday.  The church was filled with past members who cared for and loved Ruby.  Hans had a beautiful sermon and members, past and present, were ever grateful for the wonderful words they heard.  It was nice to see the church so full  and alive.

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