Sunday, March 1, 2015

Miss A

Miss A was our second foster child.  She was with us for a little less than a month and got to go back home to her parents.  I say got to, because it was a very good thing.  She arrived on Halloween night.  We had a couple of other families over for dinner.  I don't remember much about that night other than crying.  Lots of loud crying.  I wonder if those families will ever visit us again.

We realized the next day that this little beauty, with full and healthy lungs, didn't actually speak English.  She is from Nigeria and her family had just come to the US for a visit and to seek medical treatment for her oldest sister.  After a day or two she became a little more comfortable and started to understand a little of what we were saying.  It warmed my heart to hear her walk around the house singing songs in her native tongue, Yoruba. 

The boys LOVED having a little girl in the house.  They would have done just about anything for her.  While we were all sad to see her go, we were glad she was reunited with her family.  Her parents are kind, gentle, and loving people.  Her dad took a picture with Miss A and the three boys the day she left and I'm told she has it framed next to her bed.

 When I found this dress I immediately thought of this sweater that my Grandma knitted.  Anders loved the idea of matching Miss A.  

 All of the boys loved her so much they just couldn't help but give her hugs.  It took a few days for them to understand that she didn't necessarily like strange boys who spoke a different language hugging and kissing on her.

Beautiful, sweet, spunky Miss A.

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