Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Noon Year's Eve

I'm almost caught up!
 I teased you all a bit by posting about a current event (Gus' birthday).  Stick with me a little longer and I'll post about current events again.

The library hosted a Noon Year's Eve program.  Ms. Lisa was awesome and even though the library was closed she opened it for this program.

 There were tables set up for everyone to decorate their own hats.  Hans managed to break his with his big, fat head the first time he put it on.

I joke about my husband often, but that is because he is extremely silly and sarcastic and can take it.  But I love this man with every fiber of my being.

 Anders loaded his hat with stickers.  He's concentrating right now...you can tell by the fact that he is sticking his tongue out.

 I may never get a girl, but that is okay because I have Sophie.  Look at this beautiful girl.
Sophie, Debbie, and Pam joined us for this event. It was fun having all of us there.

 There was a selfie station set up with props.  The boys had fun with this.

 Even the big boy had some fun.

 The four Goofballs.

 Ms. Lisa sat everyone down and read a story about New Year's Eve.

The boys listened intently.  They love books.  Being read to is one of their favorite things.

After some dancing we counted down to Noon.  Hans was enlisted to pull the cord to release the balloon drop.  We figured if the whole thing flopped Hans could adlib and make it a fun, memorable experience for the kids.

Thankfully though, the balloon drop went off without a hitch.

We had a great time!

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