Friday, March 20, 2015

A Little ER Trip

After the Children's Program at Church we came home and tried to relax.  It had been a busy day.  Hans and I were just discussing what we were going to do for dinner as the boys were chasing each other around the house.  Apparently the day hadn't been as exhausting for them as it was for us.  All of a sudden we heard Anders scream and he ran over to us holding his head.  He said he had hit it.  When I took his hand off of his head to examine the wound, blood just started gushing.  For a long while Hans and I couldn't even get a good look at the wound.  We determined that an ER trip was in order.  Both of us had to go because Anders' head was still bleeding and he wouldn't hold a towel on it by himself.  So we quickly bundled up the boys and ourselves and headed to the hospital.

John was quite upset the whole way there because he felt like this was all his fault.  He had been chasing Anders.  It didn't matter how many times we told John that it was okay and it wasn't his fault.  John didn't calm down until he saw with his own eyes that his brother was okay.

Anders stopped crying long before we reached the ER.  All of the boys were troopers as we waited hours to be seen by a doctor.  Anders was a total rock-star and didn't even cry when he got his stitches.

Needless to say the evening was not relaxing.  But what should I expect as a mother of three rowdy boys.  Now all of the Fiene boys have been inducted to the stitch club.

Yep, I's gross.
3 stitches later.

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