Sunday, March 15, 2015

Picking a Christmas Tree

I know, I know, it is March and I'm posting about Christmas trees.  I hope to get all of the stuff we did in December posted before Easter.  HOPE.

For the past two years Lilly, a member of the church, has gone with us to get a tree.  Both times it wasn't planned, but we should probably make it a tradition.  It's fun having her along.  This year her brother came and he was a big help.
 The boys are searching for the perfect tree.  I don't do too much during this process.  I lost this battle a long time ago.

 This "lovely" looking tree was the winner.

 Each boy got a chance to do some cutting.

 This kid scares me the most with a sharp object.

 Steven helped carry this heavy tree to the car.  Then Hans and Steven hung out the doors of the minivan holding the tree all the way to the bailing station.  Hans groaned every time we hit a bump.  This made me laugh so hard and cause me to hit even more little holes.

 When we got home we had to cut an additional 2 feet off of the bottom.  It still touched the ceiling and I couldn't put on the star.  But Hans and the boys loved the tree.

I was hoping it would look better decorated.  No such luck.

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