Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Student of the Week

At some point in December Anders was the student of the week.  He was very excited to make a poster with lots of pictures.  He picked out the pictures, the special paper that was used for the letters of his name, and wrote all of the words.  He was very particular.

 I know he doesn't look like it, but he was pretty proud of his poster.

As part of the student of the week there was a Mystery Reader on Friday.  Early on in the week Anders kept asking who his mystery reader was going to be.  He asked Debbie if it was her...she told him no.  Then he said he knew it was going to be Pam.  He was convinced of it.  The funny thing is that I had asked Pam the week before if she would do it, but he didn't know that.
 He was happy, but not at all surprised when we came into his classroom.

 Pam had a captivated audience.

Anders was a very happy boy.
He loved being Student of the Week.

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