Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gus!

On Monday this little bundle of joy with an extremely sad resting face turned 6.  Gus the Bus is in Kindergarten this year and loving it.  He's actually even participating in class.  I can't believe that he is already 6.

 The day before his birthday we had a little family party.  I love that a party for Gus is getting a superhero table cloth for the table and plates.  I should give this kid a party more often.

His brothers were close by to lend a helping hand in opening up presents.

 As you can see, he was thrilled with his gifts.

 John wanted to "help" so much that Sophie had to physically restrain him.

 Gus got a package of face crayons and Anders begged to be painted like Leo.  Gus is a good big brother and happily obliged.  

 Gus requested a cake that was not round that had an orange background and Litlo (a pokemon) painted on it. He was happy to get this.  

 His birthday fell on a school day, and just like John, Gus was happy to go to school.

 Mrs. Dernulc was kind enough to let us come in and read to the class.  And by "we" I mean "Hans."  Teachers LOVE having Hans come in and read.  Several of the teachers in the school know all about Hans' reading skills.  He sure know show to capture a room full of kids.

Mrs. Dernulc is amazing!  We all love her.  Gus has already said that he will be sad when he doesn't get to see her everyday.

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Adorable cake and all.