Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tales of John

I have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures to go through from vacation, but my computer is not cooperating.  This is very typical for the Fiene household.  We manage to go through more than our fair share of computers.  I think we have a computer curse on our house.  Fortunately I will be down in Texas late next week so my brother, Mark, will come to my rescue.  While the pictures have to wait the stories can go on, so here we go...

 John wants nothing more than to be older.  I think he realizes that he can do a lot more things when he is older.  Lately he really wants to drive.  I'm not even sure he has ever sat behind the wheel and pretended to drive.  Evidently there is somewhere he wants to go and we are not taking him there.  I have to say, that as of right now, I'm not going to rush out to the DMV when he turns 16.  John driving a car just sounds a bit scary to me.

The other day, John noticed Hans' underarm hair.  He asked, "Daddy, what is that?" and Hans told him it was hair.  "But, I don't have any hair there."  Hans told him that when he was older he would get hair there.  "But, I want it now."  Hans then told him that when he was old enough to drive, he would also have arm hair.  John just looked sad, crossed his arms and said, "I hope so."  Now, there are times when I can't wait for him to grow up, or at least out of the current phase, but thinking about him driving, with underarm hair, just makes me want to cry.

Jokes are a big thing around our house right now.  John loves hearing and repeating jokes.  He has also started making up his own jokes, and, boy, does he think they are funny.  While we were visiting with my parents, grandparents, aunt and cousins we decided to tell jokes one night.  Hans told two incredibly long jokes that were borderline funny.  (Editor's Note: They were incredibly hilarious precisely because they were long and boring and pointless.  That's why they're funny, you silly woman.  ~Hans) John laughed and laughed and then told one or two of his own.  Hans was about two lines into his next joke when he took a breath, John saw his opportunity, laughed and said, "That's funny Daddy, now it's my turn."  He is turning out to be more and more like his father.

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