Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Activities in Columbus -Part 2-

The Columbus zoo is huge.  We spent all day there and didn't come close to seeing everything.

Gus loves his grandpa.  While the rest of us were down looking at the polar bears Gus and Grandpa had some bonding time.

Making funny faces at grandpa.

What would the zoo be without a ride on the Carousal.
The adults enjoyed relaxing in the rocking chairs.

The zoo also has a little amusement park and a good sized water park.  I'm not sure you could actually do everything all in one day.  There were some rides suitable for John and he wanted to do everything he could.

I think they rode this log ride twice.

Gus was actually content just to watch the rides.  Next year will be a different story.

John rode this ride once with grandma...

...and once with daddy.  John thought it was hilarious that Hans got so sick on this ride.  This ended the ride session for daddy.

You know you can't go to an amusement park without the 'big boys' doing something fun.

Jimmy and Hans had a lot of fun bumping into each other.

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