Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I finally have my computer back!  I have over 700 pictures to go through so bear with me as there might be several posts in as many days.  Or there may be another lull in posting depending on my energy level.

We started our trip to Indiana by driving the 13 hours to St. Louis, MO all in one day. The boys were actually pretty good.  13 hours is a long time in the car and the last hour I think I was complaining more than the boys.  We had a great time visiting Jake and Ashley in St. Louis and after a good night's sleep we set off for Zionsville.  Grandma and Grandpa anticipated our visit and had a pool ready to go.  The boys just love the water.
Having the boys look at the same camera at the same time is nearly impossible.

John loved jumping over the sprinkler.

Gus just loved being in the water.

After church on Sunday we went to a lake house in Brown County, IN.  It was a nice, quiet fishing lake and John got to go fishing for the first time.
John's first fish!  He was very excited.  As all fishermen, he exaggerated the size each time he told the story.  He also exaggerated the number of fish caught.  He catches on fast.

While John was fishing Gus got stuck inside.
I don't think he realized all the fun he was missing...at first.

Then wanted to join the fun.

We had a wonderful time at the lake.  John still talks about his big fish.

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