Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

After going to the lake, we spent some more time in Zionsville.  The boys just love hanging around outside and in the mud.
This boy especially loves playing in the mud.  I'm sure he would be so happy if our yard was one big mud puddle.

Gus was being a little bit mischievous and kept running down the alley when no one was looking.  After Hans ran after him a couple of times if became a game.  He would then start running and look back to see if he was being followed.  This seems to be his new favorite thing to do.  Telling him 'no' doesn't work.  He just laughs in your face.  This leaves us to find other creative methods of showing him who is boss.
We used Sophie's leash and wrapped it around Gus' waist.  He tried to figure out how to take it off at first and then just learned to live with it.

Maybe he'll learn not to run off anymore.

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