Saturday, August 28, 2010


After we got back from vacation we had a few days to recoup and then we met family in Breckenridge, CO.  I was very excited to see my sister in-law, Andrina, and her family.  Her girls, Eva and Machara, are very close in age to my boys so it was great to have them all together.  The kids haven't seen each other since last year so they had lots of catching up to do.

Eva, Machara and John.  I'm not sure where Gus was.

Machara was having a good time outside.  Such a cutie.

Machara and Gus are three days apart.  Everyone thought they were twins.  Look at all that blond hair.

This is my sister in-law, Andrina, her husband, Mike, and their two adorable girls, Eva and Machara.

We had some wonderful scenery behind us so decided to take advantage of it.

Andrina wanted to take a picture of me and my boys...but Eva just had to be in the picture.  Hans says Eva is striking a pose just like Andrina would do.

It's hard enough to get two kids to stay still during a picture...four was just simply impossible.  Out of all the pictures I took this was one of the best since I at least have one kid from each family looking up and smiling.  There is no doubt these kids are related.

John and Eva are a little over 5 months apart and are the best of friends.  And sometimes the worst of enemies.  They had a wonderful time all weekend.

Andrina, John, Machara and I on the gondola ride up Keystone Mountain.

On Sunday we celebrated John's (Grandpa John's) birthday.  I made a cake that looked like a present and let the older kids decorate with special food markers.  John and Eva had a great time decorating.

The cake before decorating began.  It was a dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and strawberries.  Very chocolaty.

John and Eva's creation.


Heather said...

You got some great family pictures! Great job on the present cake, too! :)

Katie Fiene said...

Thank you!