Thursday, August 26, 2010


After going spending all day at the zoo in the hot, hot weather we wanted to do something indoors the next day.  The science museum, COSI, was a great choice.  They had tons of stuff to do for all ages.  John didn't want to leave, as he discovered the nuts and bolts room about 5 minutes before we left.

John loved the air cannon and waited in line several times to have a turn.

In the kids zone they had rats playing basketball.  Gus was intrigued...I was disgusted.

Hans decided to put on a puppet show.  Other kids stopped by to watch as well.  He is such a good dad.

I think you were just supposed to talk into this thing and it did something with the vibrations.  I love how  kids feel they need to put everything in their mouths.

Gus snagged one of these bad boys and was set for the afternoon.

The bigger kids got to ride this unicycle...way, way up in the air.  Jimmy and Ericka were both brave enough to try it out.  I was glad I was pregnant so I didn't have to come up with another excuse.
Jimmy looked down and still managed to make it all the way through.

August wanted in on the action.  I'm sure if he were tall enough he would have jumped little dare devil.

We lucked out and the museum happened to be having a huge John Deere exhibit.  John loved all the big tractors and Gus wanted to get in and ride all of them.  Once he was behind the wheel we had a really hard time getting him out.  This also didn't help John's jonesing for wanting to drive.  He is just convinced he doesn't have to wait 12 more years.

Look at all that equipment.  

Gus would much rather be the driver.

John even got to pretend to milk a cow.  

Just like the zoo there was so much stuff to do we couldn't get it all done in one day.  If you are ever in Columbus don't forget to make plans to visit the zoo and science museum.

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Heather said...

So fun!!! It looks like you guys had a great vacation. Lots of kid friendly activities!! Love it!!