Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Crib

I decided to give our changing table to a good home and was looking for a picture to send the new recipient.  I could have taken a picture of the actual changing table, but that would mean clearing the whole thing off as it is now used as a dresser/clothes organizer/junk table.  I'm glad I was lazy and looking for an internet picture because I found out that our crib had been recalled in July.  The manufacturer evidently went out of business sometime in 2008 and since then there have been two recalls concerning these cribs. Don't worry Heather, the changing table is just fine.  I guess I just relied on the fact that, since I registered the product, I would get notified if it was recalled, but then I realized that I registered the product with the manufacturer and this was a vendor recall. So, the next morning, Hans took down the crib and we loaded everyone in the car to return and purchase a new crib.  The return and purchase took us all of 20 minutes because I had all three guys with me, but I'm very pleased with our new crib.  Gus seems to like it too.

I love the fact that it sits lower to the floor and therefore it doesn't have a drop side.  The drop side was the reason for the recall on the other crib.

Hi Mom!!

Little Sleeper

Yes folks, he is on his stomach.  He's been able to roll over since he was 5 months old and ever since then he has slept on his tummy.  He sleeps really well that way.

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