Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Many Faces of John

I haven't posted a lot of pictures of John lately and it isn't because I love Gus more, as I know I will hear that in a few years.  Rather, John usually takes pictures like this:

or this...

Just another example of the reason never to tell your kids to smile for the camera.

I've come to realize that, while John does not sit down and take a nice picture, he is truly showing himself in each one.  I'd rather have a photo album filled with pictures of the true John.

He always, always, always has something on his face.  I promise we give these kids baths and wash their clothes.

This is his time-out face.  Notice this blue tape on the floor?  He isn't supposed to cross that line...his toes are touching it.

He will surely hate me for this one day...but it is so John.

This is the  'I'm mad and Daddy is teasing me' face.

This photo was taken less than 30 seconds after the previous photo.

Now this is really John.  He just brings a smile to your face.

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ABCKegg said...

Yes, he does. Awesome pictures!