Wednesday, November 4, 2009


John was excited about Halloween this year, but I think that is just because he gets excited easily.  He didn't remember trick or treating until we told him about it and he didn't seem to have a preference as to what he would be.  My mom sent me several Halloween costumes that she had made for my brother and me long, long ago.  John was just the right age for the scarecrow.  So, that is what John was, a scarecrow.
This is my brother and I in 1985.  I knew I was Dorothy one year for Halloween and I thought it was the same year that Mark was a scarecrow, but pictures don't lie.  Isn't Mark so cute?

My little scarecrow.

John came with me on Friday to the preschool and Kindergarten's Halloween party.  He has only been to school a couple of times, but he remembers everyone and couldn't wait to go.  He had a wonderful time and was bouncing off the walls.
sad scarecrow


John loves to dance so it didn't take him long to bust a move.

Musical Chairs
  He played musical chairs this summer at VBS so he knew what to do but he kept running around and around after the music stopped.  To my surprise he made it three rounds.

Making Mummies.
John loved the chance to unroll toilet paper and not get yelled at.  He did a lot of unrolling, but I'm not sure how much he actually helped to wrap it around the mummy.

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin
They blindfolded him, but didn't spin him around.  I'd say he did pretty good, how about you?

Miss Muffet from the Butterfly Pavilion came out to teach us about spiders.  At the end of her talk the kids could hold the tarantula named Rosie.  John was very excited and didn't hesitate to take his turn.  When he held her he started laughing and said Rosie tickled him.

At lunch time the kids has a special lunch of octopus (hot dog cut in such a way that is had legs), monster snot (applesauce with green food coloring), and bloody fingers (french fries with ketchup).  Miss Renee just got finished telling the kids what was on their plate and John, who was still for the first time that day, threw up.  The two kids sitting next to him were very grossed out.

On Saturday night we went over to the Melius' house to trick or treat.  All of the kids were just so excited. It was hard to get a good pictures with them all bouncing off the walls.
Getting ready to go out trick or treating.

Checking out all of their candy.
Seriously!!!  So far we've been lucky because I put all the candy in a bowl and put in a cupboard and John has not asked about it.
After trick or treating, every time the doorbell rang, John would run up to the trick or treaters, stick out his bag and say "Trick or treat".
John and Rachel.  My mom made the Dorothy costume for me a long, long, long time ago.  Even though Mark and I weren't the scarecrow and Dorothy the same year I'm glad it worked out that these two pulled it off.

John had a great night and was bouncing off the walls by the end of the evening.  We were just thinking about heading home when John started doing a dance I'm all to familiar with, the throw up dance.  That's right, two days in a row!  No more candy or parties for this kid.

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Marcia said...

Actually, you were BOTH pretty cute. It's fun seeing those costumes used again. Great memories...