Monday, November 9, 2009

Eating, Eating and Eating Some More

It took a few hundred tries, but I believe we have found food that Gus will eat.  I'm sure my second most stubborn kid (for now) was saying to himself the whole time "Would you want to eat this crap?"  He just decided to skip the baby food all together and go for the good stuff.
mmmm, graham crackers.

All gone!
He loves to eat food himself.  This child of mine does not want to be fed.  We've also been trying the sippy cup with a straw, but like John, Gus does not want to work so hard.  For this reason I will not be moving him up in the bottle stage so he gets more formula for less work.   I've seriously thought about bringing him back to stage one to make him work harder.  My goal is to be bottle free by his first birthday...we'll see.

The gross chunky substance stuck to his chin is Gerber dried fruit.  I'm sure this piece has been in his slobbery hand, or even in his mouth.

Gus is just now mastering the pincher grasp, but his lack of fine motor skills didn't keep the food from going in his mouth.  Until recently this is how he ate.  Sometimes he'll still eat like this if he is really hungry.
I think his goal was to get his whole fist in his mouth to ensure that at least one piece of the food would be left behind.

What is that!?!

Don't freak out, it's just chocolate.  John had dropped some of his chocolate cake on the floor and I didn't see it, but Gus sure did.  Normally you wouldn't give kids chocolate until they are one, but since the damage was already done I thought I'd make it better by snapping pictures.

"Wow, that's good."

He's even checking again to make sure hasn't missed anything.

This picture makes me laugh.  While I'm sure I just caught this picture mid-blink, it looks as though he is savoring every last bite.

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ABCKegg said...

I'm with Gus. Gimme chocolate cake any day! Ben has that same sippy, but in red. He "picked" it out at the store when I held up both colors. :) I'm glad Gus is finally eating more solid food!