Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Fun

The boys were pretty excited for Halloween.  I'm not really sure why it seemed like such a big deal.  Every day is Halloween in this house, we have costumes EVERY WHERE!  The boys talked for weeks about what they were going to be and just couldn't decide on one thing.

 John was a fireman for his school party.  Gus was Spiderman for his school party...but I forgot to take pictures of that.

The morning of Halloween, John got ready for school in his fireman costume and the other two boys decided to dress up just because it was Thursday.

 After school the boys got in costume to trick or treat.

 It was raining and really yucky.  But that didn't stop Hans.  Yes.  I meant to write Hans.  He was excited to take the boys trick or treating.
One house down and Gus' mask broke and the kid had a melt down.

 The boys were soaked, so they decided to come home for a costume change and head out again.

 Anders decided to stay in his costume.  

 Hans loves all of the activities of Halloween.  He really got into carving the pumpkins.

Hans and John had a lot of fun with their pumpkins. 
My house is full of gross boys.

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Heather said...

This post is priceless! I loved all the costume changes.....too funny!

I especially loved your comment about having gross boys. Lol!!!