Monday, November 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons

For a couple of years I've heard wonderful things about this awesome lady who was amazingly talented at teaching kids how to swim.  She also happens to be the Kindergarten teacher at Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy, and I've heard fantastic things about her classroom teaching skills as well.  I asked her back in March if she would have time to teach my boys when we were down in Texas this summer.  She was able to squeeze the boys in and I was/am very grateful.  Since we didn't go to Texas until mid August she was actually already back at school. 

We talked about swim lessons for months.  John was very excited and jumped right in.

 Gus sat there watching John and started to get very nervous.  

Really, really nervous.

But we didn't give him a choice and Betsy was able to get him to stop crying and release his death grip on her in a matter of seconds.

Anders was just so mad he had to wait so long for his turn.

 Anders loved his lessons.

On the last day this kid wanted to jump off of the diving board.  He didn't even want daddy's help, but daddy insisted.

Gus did well to and ended up really liking his lessons.
 He went from, you want me to put my head where?...

 to inches his way closer to the water.

 Before I knew it he was putting his head under water, kicking his legs and moving his arms.

On the last day he actually got brave enough to get the rings at the bottom of the pool.

 He really, really, really wanted to go off of the diving board like his brothers.

 Maybe next year.

 John worked on diving the last couple of days.

 He was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side the last day.  He LOVED lessons.  And, yes, I must put LOVED in all caps because John lives life in all caps.

Coming up for a breath.  He can't wait to go back next summer.

My little swimmers with Mrs. Kirk.  She is awesome.

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