Monday, November 11, 2013


The boys were super excited to go fishing.  They stayed out on the water for a good amount of time.  Gus and Anders were ready to come in, but John would have stayed out there all day.

 Gus caught a fish not long after they got out there.  It was a small one so they threw it back.  Gus said it was disgusting.

 The things grandpas do for their grandchildren.  My dad gets pretty bad motion sickness.  But he braved the nausea for his grandsons.

 John is patiently waiting for a fish to bite.  Sadly, he never caught one.  But he was happy for his brothers when they caught one.  Because he is a sweet boy like that.

Gus ended up catching a second fish that was actually big enough to eat.  The boys had a great time watching Hans prepare the fish.  Fritz was extremely interested in all of this and even got a hold of the fish head at one point.  Gus wouldn't let Fritz lick him for a week after that.

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