Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ice Cream and Karaoke

We couldn't hit the lake this summer with out going to the Charcoal Corral.  It had been two years since we were there, but the boys remembered this place right away.

Anders enjoyed his ice cream this time so much more than last time.

The last time we were at the Charcoal Corral, Anders didn't appreciate the awesomeness of ice cream.

John and Gus also remembered singing karaoke so we made sure to let them do it again this year.  John and Gus would have been happy to sing Yellow Submarine again, but Anders was adamant that they all sing an Adele song.  Gus was getting a little nervous before their names were called and said he didn't want to go up on stage.  Hans managed to coax him up, and well...

 our scared little boy came out of his shell.

 He really put on a show.

 At one point he was dancing so much he had to take a little rest.

 Then he was back at it again.  
John sang really well.  Anders sang loudly only on the parts he really liked, and Gus danced the night away.

 I love my boys.

You don't always know what they are thinking.

And they are always ready to entertain.

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