Monday, November 4, 2013

Going on a Boat Ride

I remember driving the boat with my grandpa when I was little.  I love, love, love these pictures.  They bring back such wonderful memories.

It didn't phase Anders one bit that he couldn't see where he was going.  We are in trouble when this kid turns 16.

 We all enjoyed some quality time on the boat.

 Fritz was very nervous on the boat.  As much as this dog did not want to be in the water, given the chance, I'm pretty sure he would have jumped in.

 John had a lot fun trying out every seat on the boat.  But I think his favorite was in the back watching the motor.

 Although he did enjoy telling jokes to anyone who would listen.  Grandma is always an easy target audience.

 Comforting our ridiculous dog.

I LOVE this picture.  My grandmother with her youngest great grandchild. 

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