Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Water Play

The boys could not wait to get into the water and have some fun.  The same could not be said for our big yellow dog.

 Two-thirds of the boys loves squirting each other with water.  One-Third only liked being the one doing the squirting.

 Uncle Mark was more than willing to lend a helping hand in filling the squirt gun.

Replace the water gun with a hose and I'm pretty sure there is a picture somewhere of me looking like this.

 The boys tried to coax Fritz in, but whatever breed is mixed with the lab is dominant as far as water goes.  He did NOT want to get in.

 This is as far as he got and that is only because he was trying to follow the paddle boat.

 He quickly and happily returned when they went out too far.

 He made his way to the dock in order to keep a close eye on them.  Barking the whole time, of course.

The boys loved riding around in the paddle boat.  I'm pretty sure they would have stayed out there for hours if we would have let them.

 And when they were done Fritz braved the water to be there to greet them. 

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