Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Visitors for Spring Break

This is not really the Spring Break kind of destination.  Thank goodness!  I'm not sure I could handle a lot of young, half-naked people invading my space.  I have enough of that already.  But my parents felt this was the perfect Spring Break spot.  They left sunny, warm Texas and flew to cold, wet and dreary Chicago.  Sounds good, right?

With the fact that the boys were still in school and John ended up getting sick, we didn't do a whole lot when my parents came to visit.  It was nice just to have them here though.  The boys just enjoy being in their presence.
 My mom printed Larry Boy pictures for the boys.  They hung onto these like they were money.  In fact, nobody show them this picture.  I'd hate to have to tell them I had to throw them away.

 There was a plethora of snuggling and dressing up.  I think they went through every costume we own.  And for those who don't know, that is A LOT.

 This little guy believes he no longer needs to nap.  He'd rather poke himself in the eye than take a snooze.  But he used so much energy showing off for his grandparents that he had to give into those heavy eyelids.

 Even Fritz was tuckered out.  He was excited to have 2 more chew toys, uh, I mean playmates.

 On the last day we had to take our usual picture.  None of the boys felt compelled to look "normal."  Although this is very much the Fiene "normal."

It was another great visit that passed too fast.

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