Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birthday Celebration #1

I already blogged about birthday celebration #3, which was on Gus's actual birthday.  But this lucky kid got to celebrate his birthday several times.  Which really didn't help the birthday Nazi to be less Nazi-ish.

 Gus had fallen asleep waiting for Hans to get home so he could open his presents.  He isn't the best about having a positive outlook on life if he his woken up too soon. 

 The idea of presents seemed to help his demeanor.

 I'm not sure how aware he was of anything until he actually saw Emperor Zurg.

 Now that the evil villain has been unwrapped the party can start.

The Toy Story theme from Christmas continued for his birthday.  I believe we now own some form of every character from the Toy Story movies.  And he legitimately plays with all of them.

 After presents we had root beer floats.  Floats have generally been a New Years Eve treat, so Gus was excited that I said he could have them when he asked.  I aim to please.

 Gus has started this new thing where he starts to dance when you ask to take his picture.  Then he strikes a dance pose for the camera.

 It might work if he would actually look at the camera.

At least he is having fun.

Fritz wants to know why he doesn't get to have presents and root beer floats.  I guess he'll settle for eating peanut butter sandwiches off the table.

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