Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Morning

The boys were very excited to wear their coordinating tie and vest outfits on Sunday morning.  They still like to match and I'm going to take advantage of that for as long as possible.
 Before church I tried to get a few pictures.

 And somehow, out of nowhere, they all decided to sing a song.  Sometimes I feel like they have their own language using only eye contact.

 Gus said he wanted to line up in "small, medium and large".  I thought, Great! This will be easy!  It probably would have been if Gus had thought of himself as a medium and not a large.  I was able to capture this one where Gus isn't arguing with me about being the biggest.

 After church, Jim drew the boys wonderful pictures of Spider-man, Mario Brothers and Woody.  Jim is very talented and the boys were happy to take the pictures home.

After we got home from church I tried to take a few pictures of the boys outside. 
 Anders didn't want to sit, John is laughing about something that is probably not funny, and Gus is perturbed.  Just a normal Sunday around here.

 Anders finally decided to sit, but John wanted to stand and Gus is still perturbed.

 Gus finally got out of his funk and decided to dance.

I attempted to take a picture one more time inside.  Fritz was feeling very left out and parked himself in the picture.  I'd like to say that some days it just isn't meant to be, but the truth is that everyday is like this in our house.  Sometimes I find it comical and other times I don't.  Either way I'm going gray.

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