Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snow Day

We had a snow day not too long ago.  I know, I know.  It's April. At least this was a snow day in March.  I was done with winter and then all of a sudden we had a day filled with snow.  I believe this was the day that school was cancelled so we all got to stay in our pajamas and sit under the covers all day.

 This was early on in the day.  I'm not sure how much we ended up getting, but I know this is the first time since we've lived here that I've had to shovel off the deck.  

Fritz is a weird dogs in so many ways.  He doesn't really like the snow.  His distaste of the snow is so great  that he doesn't want to walk down the stairs so he tries to pee on the deck.  I do not approve of this.  Fritz can try to get away with stuff like this when he is old and stiff.  For now he needs to suck it up and walk down to the yard.

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