Monday, April 22, 2013

Sledding in Late March

While we were in Zionsville there was a great snow storm.  Schools in the area were actually cancelled so we were able to spend more time with Solveig.  That makes up for the fact that it was snowing in LATE MARCH.

 I knew there might be snow so I was actually prepared with hats, gloves and snow boots.  The boys were very excited to go sledding with Grandpa.  Grandpa sure got a workout pulling those three boys around.

 Anders kept saying, "I'm coming. I'm coming, guys."  But he wasn't actually moving.  The snow came up past his ankles and, as strong as this little boy is, he was having a hard time picking up his heavy, booted feet high enough to actually walk.  Regardless, he was determined to do it on his own.

 John was the first one down the hill.

 Gus actually went down on his own.  That is actually a terrified look of joy on his face.  Once was enough though.  I couldn't get this kid to go down again.

 Anders would have willingly gone down on his own.  But the hill was pretty steep and we thought it was best that John join him.

Not to be outdone or ignored, Fritz had a turn too.  Although Hans actually tried to take Fritz down with him on the sled, but Fritz would have no part of that.  He wanted to do it his way.  Boy, Fritz just fits right in with the rest of the boys.

 While Fritz would not join Hans on the sled, he gladly ran along side Hans all the way down the hill.

Everyone had a ton of fun all packed into about 15 minutes.  Then the boys said they were cold and asked for hot chocolate.  Such wimps.

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