Friday, March 8, 2013

The Doting Wife

I bet you thought just for a minute that I am a doting wife.  Ha!  I generally don't go running around talking about how proud I am of my husband.  Not that I'm not proud, but I'm just not the doting wife type.  If that is even a type.  And, you know, my husband is my husband.  He is Hans.  The father of my children.  The guy who is incredibly sarcastic, hardly ever serious, and the one for whom my children favor...Because he can be a bit of a push-over...a statement he will probably not agree with.

He's the guy who reads stories in funny voices, is always late, wrestles with the boys, leaves his dirty laundry everywhere, and makes fantastic and extremely messy dinners.  Do you like how I put some undesirable facts in between the more desirable ones?  That's what this doting wife does.  Hans is a wonderful husband, father and Pastor.

So, Hans started these satirical cartoons called Lutheran Satire not long after we moved to Illinois.   I'm going to go right on ahead and admit that I don't watch them.  I live with the satire king.  There is no jonesing for satire in my life.  Evidently other people love his stuff.  And some people HATE his stuff.  There are often heated debates.  While I knew that others watched his videos, I didn't realize how many people watched his videos.  Or that he had followers.  Which for some reason gives me an icky feeling.  Not sure why.  See?  I'm not the doting wife.

I heard when he went to Fort Wayne, IN this year for Symposia people asked him to take pictures with them.  Then there were others who took clandestine pictures of him at another conference in Naperville and tweeted about being in the same place with the Lutheran Satire guy.  This cracks me up and grosses me out all at the same time.  It isn't that I'm not supportive.  It's just that to me Hans will always be Hans.  I'm wondering if this is the same way my friend, Laurie, felt when I met her brother Nick and totally geeked out.

And maybe I'm a little jealous that Hans is WAY more popular than I am.  He has become the favorite at my childhood church, my work, my boy's favorite parent.  And I'm also sure that, if he ever had the opportunity to do a Toddler Time session at the library, he would probably become the favorite with all of the toddlers too.

So you guys go ahead and watch a few Lutheran Satire videos.  Become followers, take pictures of him or with him and blog or tweet about him.  I'll just laugh at all of you while I'm picking up his dirty laundry.

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