Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Swaddling Clothes

Sometime last year, Hans came up with the idea to have a "store" of sorts at our church filled with baby stuff.  When he presented this idea to the congregation, he called it the "mom stuff store".  That was its name for several months until he came up with "Swaddling Clothes."  Which I find very fitting.  At this point, my wonderful husband handed me the reigns and said, "make it something".  I set this project to the side while I was busy with other parts of life.  Then this article came out in our District's newsletter.  This was no longer a back burner project.  With the help of some wonderful people at church, we will be open the first Saturday of every month starting in April.  Someday we hope to get into a bigger space that will allow our "store" to be open more often.

Here is our pamphlet.  Cover art by my talented mom.

If you know someone in our area who needs the help, please let them know.  If you want to donate clothes, diapers or money to go towards clothes and diapers, please let me know.

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