Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandparents, Kids, Pizza and Chocolate

The Sunday before Presidents Day, Hans' parents came for a visit.  Sunday afternoon/evening was filled with games, laughter, food, partial conversations, and screaming.

 Solveig brought the boys super hero blankets.  They immediately took them downstairs to get nice and comfy while they watch some sort of super hero show.

 Anders is always up for a good snuggle.

 While the boys were enjoying some snuggle time with Grandma the men got to work making pizza.

Pretty soon everyone migrated upstairs to watch the masters at work.  

For the boys, watching pizza being made morphed into running circles around the house.  This, of course, gets Fritz all riled up and makes for one noisy house.

In an effort to decrease the noise the boys picked out some games to play.
 But this only calms the boys down momentarily.  Anders likes messing with other people's pieces.  John is a sore loser and Gus cheats.  Makes for a very emotional game.

I'm not even sure anyone is playing by the rules. 

 The house was quiet for a little bit after the pizzas were done.  YUM!  

Fritz decided to place himself where he thought he'd get the most food.  And he wanted to be close to the table in case we all walked out of the room, giving him a small chance to steal food off of the table.  We have a dog with little to no self control...just like our children.

The next morning we decided to make a trip to the Children's Museum.  But it was President's Day and EVERYONE had that same plan.  So we spent some time walking around Naperville and found this wonderful place, Le Chocolat du Bouchard.

This place was fantastic and the prices were reasonable.  I'm anxious to go there without children.  I'm thankful it is about 30 minutes from my house, otherwise I might be there everyday.

It was a delicious ending to a great weekend.

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