Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gus is 4!

Gus had a birthday last week.  He, like most kids, was really looking forward to the big day.  His classmates sang to him on Friday and he got to wear a birthday crown, which he still has and wears almost every day.  Then on Saturday, his actual birthday, I heard the boys waking up and John said, "Good morning, Gus", and before he could get anything else out of his mouth, Gus said, "Don't you have something to say to me?"  He then proceeded to tell everyone that he should get to pick all the shows that were watched that day and pick what to eat for every meal since it was his birthday.  Last year he didn't care about any of this and now he is a full blown Birthday Nazi.

This little birthday boy actually got to celebrate his birthday 3 different times.  Each time we had a special dessert and presents.  What a lucky, lucky boy.  On his actual birthday we had Debbie, Pam and Sophie over for a dinner of hot dogs and homemade french fries.

Presents were on his mind...
 and his outfit of choice was his buzz pajamas.  Because the cool Spiderman shirt was "not his first choice."

 Gus got some Cubs underwear.  The boys love getting underwear.  It's a little weird.  Hans says if one has to wear Cubs gear, the best place to do it is on your butt.

 More Buzz pajamas!!  

John decided to lend a helping hand, as if Gus wasn't ripping through the presents fast enough on his own.  Gus likes to get everything opened in 2.5 seconds and then actually look at the gifts he has received.  It is a bit frustrating and I hope he is over this by next year.

The top present of the day was the Spiderman bicycle.  Or as Gus calls it, the Spidey-cycle.  Debbie and Pam sure know the way to this kids heart.

 After all that hard work opening presents, cake was needed to re-energize the boys.

I asked Gus to give me a real smile...
 and I got this.

 I think he liked his cake.

 He loved blowing out the candles.

This boy had a pretty fantastic birthday.

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